Social security disability

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What is Social Security disability?
Everyone who works and pays Social Security taxes also pays for disability insurance through Social Security. If you are disabled due to a physical or mental medical impairment, then you should receive disability payments through Social Security. Unfortunately, Social Security wrongfully denies thousands of claims every year. Your denial can be appealed to a hearing with a federal administrative law judge.  We represent disabled people at their disability hearing and help them argue their case in front of the judge based on the Social Security laws and rules.
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Attorney Quick has personally handled over 1,000 disability cases in private practice and even more cases while he was a staff attorney at the Social Security Administration. As an expert in Social Security's rules and procedures, Attorney Quick will help you plan the most effective strategy to present your case to Social Security and maximize your chances of winning.

If your Social Security claim has been denied.  Please contact us for a free case evaluation. Unlike some attorneys, we do not take every case.  We take cases we believe we can win and fight hard for them.
How does the disability process work?
When you apply for Social Security disability, the agency's doctors will review your medical records and decide if they think you are disabled under their rules. These doctors are often WRONG.  Their opinions get reversed and changed all of the time, but they only get changed if you APPEAL your denial.  When you appeal, you will get the opportunity to have a hearing with a federal administrative law judge who will listen to your testimony and decide your case. It is absolutely vital that you prepare for your hearing and understand what you need to present to the judge to give you the best chance of winning.

Our disability representation process.

Step 1

Talk with a lawyer by phone or video to see if we can help you.

Step 2

Provide us with the necessary information for your disability case, such as your work history and medical history.

Step 3

We help gather the necessary evidence for your case, including medical records, opinions or letters from doctors, and other evidence.

Step 4

We help you prepare for your hearing by going through likely questions you will be asked and the best way to respond to them.

Step 5

We are by your side on the day of the hearing and help you talk to the Judge and argue your case.

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